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Andrew Nalband
Posted Oct 26 - Read on Facebook

Here's a little entertainment for any of my Framer friends who like Star Trek: The Next Generation. For best results prepare a hot cup of Earl Grey Tea and turn your sound on (but not too loud). :)


Andreas Mitschke


Stephen Crowley

Haha! Or... A malfunctioning hyperdrive if it were Star Wars. Either way, I dig it.

Andrew Nalband

Haha - Stephen Crowley - I guess hyperdrive will have to be the next project when we're close to the Star Wars release date!

Aaron Paterson

lol great stuff

Jessica Tiao

Andrew Nalband, how do you interact with the prototype? (didn't hear any sounds, also tried clicking on the Engage button, but nothing happened)

Ash Adamson

haha i actually LOL'd nice surprise w the music

Andrew Nalband

Ben - haha, it still makes me giggle every time I press the "Engage" button

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