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Chris Camargo
Posted Oct 27 - Read on Facebook

Just playing around this weekend. Here's the news feed scroller from the Yahoo News app in less than 50 lines of code, and just 4 graphics (sized for iPhone 6). This is why I use Framer – you can prove out an elegant idea in no time.

It's heavily annotated for those who might be new to FramerJS and want to see how it works.



Andreas Mitschke

I know this from the pixate tutorials.

Was also doing it in framer to see the difference between the pixate effort and how it is done with framer. Though, a comparison that had no final result.

Arturo Goicochea

Thanks for this Chris!

Song Jianzhou

Thanks for Sharing Chris Camargo, I am new to Framerjs, in your code, you use "@y" serval times, what does it mean, didn't find it in the docs.

Chris Camargo

'@' is CoffeeScript shorthand for the JavaScript keyword, 'this'. Basically, in that context, 'this' refers to the layer that was acted upon. Specifically, 'scroller'. So when you see '@y', it translates to 'this.y', which is actually 'scroller.y'.

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