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Julien Perrière
Posted Oct 25 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone! I was playing around with motion and stretching, and I randomly ended up doing this rain effect. I know it’s not UI design but I thought some of you might be interested since I’m using a few things that could be useful when animating an interface (masks, animation chaining, etc). I added comments all along the code to make it easier to get what’s happening. Keep the framers coming. Cheers!

PS: listening to this song is advised for a fully immersive experience ☔️
PS2: big thank you to Jordan Robert Dobson for his FontFace module


Jordan Robert Dobson

Looks great. I was on a huge project where there was an RPG with codes hidden in clothes designs... And if you figured out the codes you would get these cinematic snippets that would help you solve this murder mystery of this lead singer of a band.

Anyways... That rain effect looks nearly identical to one scene we created. :) took me back like 13 years! :)

Andrew Nalband


Claire Fén

Julien clap clap copain ;)

Andrew Nalband

Julien - there's a great uisound module that you could use to play the audio in the background

Danny White

nice one!

Behram Korganli

very good and useful

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