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Jord Rusty
Posted Oct 23 - Read on Facebook

Hello, perhaps I am asking this in the wrong place but anyways here it goes...
FramerJS's main purpose is prototyping mobile applications but how is it in regards to use as a basis for creating mobile websites? The animations and resources are so beautiful and amazing I am really tempted to throw more code on top of this and use it and use it as a basis for a mobile website. Any thoughts of how this might be a good/bad idea?


Andrew Nalband

Hi Jord Rutty - good question - have you tried searching through the group? There have been lots of discussions about this lately.

Andreas Mitschke

Bad idea to use this framework as foundation for a website just for motion design aspects. There are smaller libraries for this reason.

Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

agree with Andreas Mitschke , also even though a lot of mobile browsers are indeed webkit based, Framer was never made with multiple browsers in mind. If this was a personal site, I would do it, for a real / client , product site... not at all.

Arron J Hunt

There's a few lightweight animation libraries out there that would be much better suited for production than Framer, I would definitely check though out.

Koen Bok

Time to write a faq for this :-) Framer was indeed not designed for production. Many parts are optimized for (animation) performance, often trading in size or memory for it.

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