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JL Flores Mena
Posted Oct 23 - Read on Facebook

Finally. Pinch/Zoom from the middle of the fingers, from any previous scale. No external libraries. I can crysleepdie now...


JL Flores Mena

I'll port the current spaghetti code to a module soon. Seriously I'm going to bed now.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Nice job dude!!! You did it. Thanks!

- All of us

Jorn van Dijk

What Jordan said!

Andrew Nalband


Stephen Crowley

You're the man Mena!

Joshua Tucker

JL, you're killing it! I can't wait to see what came up with. Definitely some tricky math :).

Chris Camargo

Mena: *drops mic*

Josh Puckett

Knew you'd get it! 💪

Jordan Robert Dobson

I bet you had some awesome / crazy pinch based dreams.

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