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Rory Smyth
Posted Nov 13 - Read on Facebook

Can we please get support for the transitioning of background colours?

This seems like something very basic that should "just work" with a prototyping tool. Especially a html/css based tool like Framer.

I know and have tried all the options.

1. Creating 2 layers and crossfading. For a raster based tool, yes. But if i'm creating html layers manually, this isn't a good solution
2. Hack a null object and use modulate to change rgba values. Asking too much in my mind.
3. Custom modules? Not attached to Framer states or animation objects
4. Manual CSS attributes? Not attached to Framer states or animation objects



Jonas Treub

You are right. We got something in the pipeline.

Rory Smyth

That will save me a lot of hair Jonas Treub

Maciej Pankiewicz

for background color use = { "transition": "all 0.2s ease-in" }

Josh Puckett

You can do this now though with layer.hueRotate ;)

Andrew Nalband

You can do this with hsla(). I'm not at a computer right now, but I can post an example next time I'm near one.

Andrew Nalband

I admit it's not the easiest thing in the world, but it works!

Daniel Lin

Brian V. Tran

Brian V. Tran

omg, i had this exact problem and tried so many crazy things!

Marc Krenn

Brian, maybe this ( helps you as well?!

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