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Johannes Eckert
Posted Oct 29 - Read on Facebook

I have a simple(?) loop problem that I come across a lot.

I want to loop through an array and hand over the object to a delay function.
Example: Changing these 5 boxes in a sequence after each other.

for card,i in allcards
 Utils.delay 1*i+1, ->
  card.backgroundColor = Utils.randomColor()

unfortunately, the delay function only accesses the last card. How can I hand the correct card into the delay function?


Johannes Eckert

issue in line 13 and line 24

Jordan Robert Dobson

fat arrows...keep context.

Johannes Eckert

how fat? => doesn't work

Jordan Robert Dobson

We talked about this at our last meetup.

Here's the code:

Jordan Robert Dobson

It just doesn't know what card is most likely after the loop is over. Does work?

Andreas Wahlström

try passing card as an argument to the function that is executed on delay.

Marc Krenn

Johannes, have you figured it out? I couldn't, so I'd love to see the working file. Thanks :)

Jordan Robert Dobson

Wait so this isn't fixing the problem?

Aren't you trying to print

Maybe I am missing something?

Jordan Robert Dobson

Maybe I just saw the error on your click event inside the loop and focused there.

Johannes Eckert


Utils.delay is shorthand for underscore's _.delay
But it looks like Framer isn't forwarding all arguments into the delay function.

If I call _.delay directly, I can pass card into a function that manipulates the cards:
_.delay(changeCard, timedifference*1000, card)

maybe something to look into Koen?

Jordan Robert Dobson

Here's how I solved it...

Tisho Georgiev

Change the `for ... in` loop to allcards.forEach:

allcards.forEach (card, i) ->
Utils.delay 1*i+1, ->
card.backgroundColor = Utils.randomColor()

Why it happens? Closures.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Just pass it to a function... that's an easy way to take a value out of that scope.

Vicky Yang

This is really fun! I was wondering how would you code to implement random images instead of colours?

Vicky Yang

Here is my attempt with images, but can't get it to work
Help anyone?

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