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Edward Sanchez
Posted Oct 22 - Read on Facebook

How do I reference the x position of a specific state?

LFQueueOpen: {x: 431, width: 100, height: 48}

I want to reference the x of LFQueueOpen


How do I go back to my first state? It seems that the on load properties of a layer count as a state, but if I'm on state 3 I don't know how to go back to that default.



Edward Sanchez

To answer my own second question:
layerA.states.switch("default") goes to the first position. Would be nice if this went on documentation.

Andrew Nalband

I don't know that there's a way to reference the x value of a state. You can switch to that state and then get the x value of the layer - selection.x in your case. What are you trying to achieve by referencing the x value? Perhaps there's another way to get the result you want

Edward Sanchez

eek it IS there! but yeah, couldn't find it... It feels like it belongs under "switch" too.

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