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Kristian Schnedler
Posted Oct 26 - Read on Facebook

I'm new to Framer and don't have much experience coding, so sorry if this question is way to fundamental.

I want to prototype a web app that has text input fields that the user has to fill in. However, when I create a Scrollcomponent, and places a container inside it and then the input fields inside the container, I cannot click the input fields. I can only change them by using tab.
I figured out that it has something to do with the container, because if I remove the input fields superLayer, that work fine. But then I can't make their position relative to the container :(

Here is a replication of the problem:


Kristian Schnedler

Also, I would love pointers on how to style html input fields! I think my way of doing it is really messy. But it was hard to find any examples on how to do it properly :)

Andrew Nalband

No question is too fundamental! Everyone has to start somewhere! I've enjoyed working with this module. Have you ever imported a module before? The docs in this explain how to use it. Basically this would overlay over a layer and you can just use the visual in your sketch file or style the input as a framer layer (much easier). The placeholder text and color can also be styled using the module

Kristian Schnedler

Have not looked much in to modules, but will give it a look. Thank you! :)

Roland Andrews

Is there also a way to do a drop down list with this module?

Andrew Nalband

Roland Andrews - I helped someone recently with making a dropdown menu. - you may find some other example in search

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