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Adrian Forster
Posted Oct 22 - Read on Facebook

Is there anyone in London, UK who is setting up a Framer session / meet-up in the near future? If so do you need a hand?

If not, who wants to organise one with me?


Benjamin Den Boer

Check with Kate Pincott! She set up the previous one at UsTwo as well. 😊

Adrian Forster

Thanks for the link Benjamin Den Boer.

Rhys Merritt

Adrian, I'll happily help out anyway I can.. I'm very much a beginner, but I'll do whatever I can to help out!

Jason Cale

I've been considering setting something up here at Facebook London, perhaps we can help too.

Kate Pincott

Cool! Yeah we're planning a large one at Facebook in January (pending approval) and a smaller one maybe before that?

Adrian Forster

Sounds good Jason! As Kate says ^^ :-)

Sergey Voronov

would love to attend one!

Kate Pincott

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Jonathan Lazarini

I am happy to help wherever I can 👍🏻

Kate Pincott

come hang with us for a few hours in London every Sunday keep an eye on the hashtag #sundayframerbreakfast

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