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Fabio Good
Posted Oct 21 - Read on Facebook

Framer js VS Sketch ...


Daniel Maniés

kitchen knife vs. pan

Mike Bibik

Apples vs oranges.

Justin McDonald

Lennon vs Jagger

Matthew Joseph Kulp

More like, motorcycle vs. motorcycle wheels. They need each other!

Arron J Hunt

Building a scale model of a house VS drawing a picture of a house

Ee Venn Soh

I am on FramerJS + PSD with my own Gulp build.

Jeff Honeyman

Coltrane vs Sun Ra (they operate in roughly the same environment, but Trane is fine-tuning technical madman, while Sun Ra runs an arkestra composing a vast range of materials for different effects).

Hmm... I'm bad at metaphors.

Jordano Moscoso

like sex and jajaj stop guys

Marco Sarroca

This made my day.. haha

Fabio Good


Rapha Ël

Priceless !

Reshad Farid

Have you ever bothered opening both and see what they do?

Joel Leví Hernández

I don't see why compare the two, I find in my own work that they complement each other perfectly.

Nir Benita


Mick Evans

Bacon or lamp?

Gregory Dean Hall

Um, Statue or robot

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