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Jase Cooper
Posted Oct 21 - Read on Facebook

Ok, bit of a stupid question here — has anyone ever seen a framer.js prototype ported over to native iOS or phonegap/cordova?
I'm working on an art project and Framer would be the quickest way to put together what I need, long shot, I know. But thought it'd be worth asking.


Andreas Mitschke

Of course, framerjs and studio is used in multiple highstacks - facebook, apple, google, daum, naver...

I am not sure what you mean, however. Sounds like you intend to "port" a prototype "by code". That is not the goal of a prototype though.

Arron J Hunt

don't do it

Louis-André Labadie

Something like Cordova won't provide you with a one-button tool to make an app package.

My guess is you'll lose a lot more time trying to take this "shortcut".

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