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Ed Macovaz
Posted Oct 20 - Read on Facebook

I'm working on a prototype and the font rendering when importing from Sketch is really bad compared to a straight output from Sketch. Have I just not noticed until this point, or is something broken?

Have uploaded an image to illustrate, not sure what Facebook's compression will do it...

OK. Facebook crushes everything. Here's a link:


Jorn van Dijk

Hey Ed, I just tried to replicate this and get perfect 1-1 output. Might be a retina issue. Can you send me your files?

Roland Lösslein

Actually this happens when you export text with transparent background out of sketch. this is not a framer but a sketch issue. just give it a try. the result will be horrible. a workaround is to add a solid background to the text layer which gets exported.

Jorn van Dijk

Hey Roland, yikes you are right! Pieter, are you aware of this issue?

Jorn van Dijk

This brakes when imported.

Jorn van Dijk

This does not.

Ed Macovaz

Thanks everyone. At least I know there's a workaround. I guess I should annoy the Sketch team with this then...

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