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Jozef Matas
Posted Oct 20 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys,

yesterday we launched Floid a UX design tool for creating interactive animations & multiscreen app flows. We are posting it here while Floid is built on top of Framer which is our huge inspiration as well (we are using a lot of great patterns made by Framer). We probably wouldn’t be able to build Floid without it (or definitely not in 4 months). So, we thought this could be interesting news for the folks in this group.

Thank you!


Koen Bok

I wish you guys all the best, I think it's really cool when people build stuff on top of Framer. And I think the app looks pretty neat.

I do also feel however, that many parts of the app and site are... too flattering, to put it in the nicest possible terms :-)

Especially if you work for designers, I would recommend to put a little more effort in your own style, marketing and parts of the app. This will pay off.

Good luck!

Rhys Merritt

About to give this a go. Congrats on launching!

Neha Verma Yadav

I liked the tool, it is very impressive.

Prerak Trivedi

Congrats and all the best guys. Waiting for Windows' version very eagerly. :)

Andy Cetnarskyj

To really set it apart I think you need to allow people to edit the code like you can in framer. A key thing for me with framer is you can use any JS library with it

Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

To really set it apart and rip off framer you mean ? :)

Andreas Mitschke

Hmm, I require Win, but I watched few videos and tutorials. Regarding that, Floid is a layer on top of framer, which basically is like a "pixate-esque" UI ?

What I see looks basically like pixate, but with html output and a nice gif recorder. I like that!

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