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Marcos Martinez
Posted Oct 20 - Read on Facebook

I am thinking about using Framer for thesis but I'm not sure if my project might be too complex to prototype. I'm trying to create a selector wheel that rotates. If you select one of the shapes on the wheel you can draw it by clicking on the canvas/ ipad screen. The longer you hold the click the bigger the shape gets. Would I be able to prototype this idea with framer?


Marcos Martinez

The rotating wheel would look something like this....

Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Hey Marcos, rotating the "wheel" when selecting a shape should be simple, can you explain a little bit more what do you mean about "drawing by clicking on the canvas?" each clicks draws a copy of the selected shape with the size determined by the duration of press? is that it?

Marcos Martinez

Hi Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira, thanks for the quick response. Yes, that's exactly what I meant.

Marcos Martinez

Would it also be possible for the user to record his actions and have the ability to replay them?

Andrew Nalband

Marcos Martinez - yes this is all possible. Framer is perfect for the circles, the tapping and the "drawing" at different sizes of shapes. Recording and playback, while possible is probably more involved than I would get in a Framer prototype.

Rouja Pakiman

I thought you were staring a new mobile project ;))

Marcos Martinez

Andrew Nalband Thanks! I'll have to double think about the importance of the record feature in the prototype.

Marcos Martinez

Hi Rouja Pakiman This is the iPad project I'm starting haha it's not for work though it's for my thesis :)

Marc Krenn

Yes, should be no problem. We'll be here to help - no worries :)

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