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Andrew Nalband
Posted Oct 19 - Read on Facebook

Had a little fun playing with stacked, rotated layers and Jordan Robert Dobson's Pointer Module over the weekend.


Jordan Robert Dobson

That's beautiful Andrew Nalband.

Marc Krenn

I'm amazed how well it performs :O


I wish you can share the big steps on how to produce that amazing stuff Andrew Nalband

Jorn van Dijk

Very pretty!

Marc Krenn

Irwansyah, it's pretty simple, compared to how amazing it looks.

You'll get the idea of how it works by changing the "for" loop from "1..50" to a smaller value: Basically it's just a number of translucent layers layered on top of each other. The parallax-movement results from tiny changes using the "loop-counter" 'i'.


Thanks Marc Krenn

Johannes Eckert

omg that's beautiful!

Laura Galbraith

<3 <3

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