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Adèle Beauchamp
Posted Oct 20 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys,
I just went across StackOverflow and browsed the "framerjs" tag (yes, there is a dedicated tag o/ ). And I just came to realize that there are almost no answers to the questions there! And few questions.
What about using that platform for the Q&A?
It would be way easier to find previous answers and more efficient to answer questions.

What do you think ?


Marc Krenn

We had this discussion numerous times already, unfortunately without any result (framer team wants to stick to FB for some reason).

I'd personally love to see a dedicated framer.js-forum running on

Adam Laskowitz

Yeah this topic comes up all to frequently... Not sure why we'd be on Facebook when every other community is on SO.

Adèle Beauchamp

I think Facebook is great for a community, to share the members great work :)
But it's not the perfect media for Q&A, I think we can agree on that one...

Alec Tranel

have you guys thought about starting a Slack, you can get a bit of everything into a community. I use it for my team and other communities, I love it!

Chris Camargo

There is a Framer JS Slack for those interested. It's self-signup via this link -

Alamo Feinux Young

I guess them **have to** or **need to** , because of pressure from facebook. And also because of the easier usability of facebook

Koen Bok

I try to answer so questions as often as I can. If you want to google this group for answers you can use

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