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Pq Stinson
Posted Oct 20 - Read on Facebook

Hi framers,

Could you tell me how to do something like this exemple?
I think it's something like 2 layers with z rotation right?



Marc Krenn

Two layers with x- and y- rotation plus alpha-blending at the same time. And be sure to use css "perspective" to get that 3D/depth-effect! :)

Pq Stinson

thanks, but as a newbie I'm still confuse with how make the 2 layers rotate in the same time
sorry for my lack of knowledge

Marc Krenn

Just as an example:

________rotationX: 90
________rotationY: 90
________opacity: 0
____curve: "spring(300,30,0)"

Pq Stinson

I can rotate one but don't find how to rotate the 2 layers in the same time.
if it's possible I also want like in the exemple, ba able to come back as the first state.

Marc Krenn

It's not super close to the effect shown in your video, but it should give you an idea how it (could potentially) work(s):

Pq Stinson

thanks it works fine

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