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Ee Venn Soh
Posted Nov 03 - Read on Facebook

Anyone getting this weird cursor problem on Chrome Version 46.0.2490.71 (64-bit)? I just opened an example on and the transparent png can't render properly. It works fine on other browsers.


Ee Venn Soh

I have asked others to test, yeap. It is not working for them either. The image itself is fine. Might be a CSS mouse cursor syntax that doesn't work with Chrome?

Vika Finkel

Yep, me too

Bruno Paccini

Yep same with me. Seems safer to stay away from pngs with alpha transparency. definitely a chrome bug though.

Rory Smyth

Yep same last few days

Arron J Hunt

Not exclusive to Framer either. InVision also has the same cursor issue. Works just fine in all other browsers, so definitely a Chrome issue

Arron J Hunt

Also thanks for posting, this has been bothering me for over a week!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Yeah I imagine it's an issue with chrome and images for the cursor. Has anyone used my cursor module and seen any better or worse results. I'll check when I'm back to my desk.

Koen Bok

This is so ugly. If anyone finds out how to work around this Chrome bug let me know.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Mine from my module look just as crappy. :(

Koen Bok

How does this ship through three channels of beta testing?

Koen Bok

Benjamin could you experiment with some different image formats if you get some time?

Didi Medina

This appeared on my coworkers computer earlier today as well...

Marc Krenn

I like to call it the "glossy beach" ball/cursor, a relative of OSX' SBBOD

Morten Christoffersen

FYI, for those of you looking for a solution to this problem: It seems that it was a bug accidentally introduced in version 46 of Chrome (the current version). A fix has been accepted for version 47, so as soon as that launches this problem should hopefully be fixed. Source:

Marc Krenn

Thanks Mortan for the news. And yes, it already got fixed with v47 beta (

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