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Michał Jarosz
Posted Oct 20 - Read on Facebook

What is the framerate in Framer?


Jordan Robert Dobson

Roughly 60fps

Jordan Robert Dobson

A lot of it depends on what features you use and things you animate.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Most of the documented features are 60fps though. Things that reduce performance are clearly documented in the documentation.

Koen Bok

If you want to build something on this, make sure that you account for frames that take longer (and sometimes even shorter). You can listen to the loop with:

Framer.Loop.on "update", -> ...
Framer.Loop.on "render", -> ...

Paul Holliday

It will vary from device to device - due to the devices performance and available resources

Marc Krenn

Always thought there's a FPS counter built into Safari's inspector but I couldn't find it.

Koen, would you consider adding a native FPS counter to framerStudio?

Koen Bok

Yep. Until then you can play with this:

Andrew Nalband

What's the Framerate if you will? ;)

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