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Sherwin Dai
Posted Oct 18 - Read on Facebook

Have a question to the Framers JS community, how is the performance of your Framers demo on your phone browser?

I am generally pleased with the Framers performance on desktop browsers. But in terms of phone browsers, always find animation lagging and not very smooth. I have tested my demos on multiple handheld devices and here is my ranking in term of performance:

1. iPad (newest gen) on safari (generally smooth)
2. nexus 6 on chrome (lagging happens)
3. iPhone 6 chrome & safari (some lagging)
4. nexus Framer app (very jaggy)
5. iPad (2nd gen) (slow~~~)

here is the demo I run (scroll up for animation):

How is the phone browsing experience for your demo? What do you think cause poor performance on the phone browser?

I find it extremely important to be able to show people the demo on their phone, a lagging performance would not help with the idea pitching at all.


Andrew Nalband

Hi Sherwin - I tried opening your demo on the iPhone 6, but the scaling is off so I can't really test it for you

Chris Camargo

Seems quite performant on an iPhone 6s.

Marc Krenn

Runs perfectly fine on my LG G3 w/ Framer app.

Sherwin Dai

Thanks guys for helping out the try

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