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Andrew Nalband
Posted Oct 18 - Read on Facebook

What learning resources are missing for Framer? Here are some things I'm thinking about:

Coding for Designers - Learn Coding from Scratch with Framer
How to Write a Module
Making Full Prototypes with Framer (probably using Chris Camargo's module and some other fun stuff)
How to Prototype a Playable Mobile Game with Framer
How to Structure a Sketch File to use with Framer
Building Full Prototypes in Framer without using Sketch
Awesome Framer Modules that Make Prototyping Easy and Fun!

What else would people like to see?


Andreas Mitschke

Do not create the appearance that you can "learn to code" with just using framer. You don't and you should not attempt this.

Full walk throughs are kinda nice and really awesome tutorials. There can not be enough of these ;)

Andrew Nalband

Andreas Mitschke - great point - what would be a better name for something that would make coding feel accessible to designers? Getting Started with Coding using Framer?

Aleksandr Sood'in
Aleksandr Sood'in

Or to go deeper, you may learn java script —

Andrew Nalband

Aleksandr Sood'in - thanks for pointing these things out! Why was it that you really liked the O'Reilly course?

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