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Phil Letourneau
Posted Oct 17 - Read on Facebook

Hi Everyone, long time reader, first time poster.

I've been really digging responsive layouts, creating prototypes that adapt to the various device screen sizes. However, there doesn't seem to be a way to expose that switch ability to my shared prototypes?

The only way I can imagine, would be to build a custom index page, and make my own switchable device frames.

Am I missing an easier solution?


Andrew Nalband

Hi Phil - I'm a little unclear about what you mean by switch ability. Are you designing multiple artboard sizes in sketch and trying to selectively display them based on the device size or trying to dynamically resize layers based on the screen size?

Phil Letourneau

I want to be able to change my screen dimensions when viewing a prototype in a browser.

So for example switch between an iPhone 5 and iPhone 6, so people I share with can see the layout on different screen sizes.

Phil Letourneau

When you change device device frames in Studio, it reloads the prototype with different screen dimensions. I want to do that in a web browser.


I had did that years ago using ActionScript. What I did was implementing an AbstractFactory pattern

Andrew Nalband

Phil - have you searched the group for "responsive"? I see a lot of discussions about this and examples of how to achieve it.

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