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Paul Holliday
Posted Jul 12 - Read on Facebook

Text input

One of the things that is frustrating me the most with prototyping tools is the ability to enter text. With framerjs you would have to do something like this:

Thats a lot of overhead if I was to prototype a sign up flow for example! Framerjs imports sketch files, so it would seem logical that it also would recognize a text field, and its css styling and thus be able to make the text either dynamic or input. Maybe it would be worth while to have a component like ScrollComponent?

I don't want to have to use tools like Axure to achieve this :(


Anton Jarl

Put that on top of your imported input field and you're ready to go

Paul Holliday

Thanks, this so needs to be included the app initially!

Paul Holliday

Would also be cool to have something similar, but for more dynamic text, ie.

If I enter a user's name, then on the next screen say Hei {user's name} welcome ... etc

Anton Jarl

Yeah, I don't know if a html-layer with contentEditable is one way to go. But that's still a lot of work. But yeah, needs to be an official Framer module, but I really glad that Input Field-module exists! Thanks to Adria Jimenez!

Adria Jimenez

no problem :D I'm glad to see people using it :)

Andreas Mitschke

That requires caching of input data.

I think that is all pretty much demanding for a prototype even for hifi interaction designs.

This level of "functionality" comes close to a final product. If your prototype is requiring dynamic input it somehow wastes a lot of time for realizing this instead of "faking" it with a mockup.

Without sounding to harsh, it's a prototyping tool, not an app maker.

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