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Brandon Breon
Posted Oct 17 - Read on Facebook

How does Framer differ from or Sketch? Thank you!


Arron J Hunt

Sketch is a vector based visual design tool, similar to Adobe Illustrator, focused on *visual design*. It creates static visual comps and image assets. is a drag-and-drop SaaS tool that allows you to build rough animated clickthroughs to prototype your application idea and test it.

FramerJS is an open source Javascript framework that allows you to prototype detailed and advanced animations/interactions with code.

Josef Richter

Avid (and Framer) user here: it's not *rough* animated clickthroughs in You can actually make very detailed and fine-grained animations and prototypes on par with Framer to be honest. And creating 20-30 screen prototype with very detailed animations and microinteractions in each screen is a breeze that Framer can only dream of, to be absolutely fair. Where Framer excels and lacks is application logic and various conditionals. does let you do basic conditional logic (JS one-liners) but obviously for Framer sky is the limit coz you have full code access. So it really depends on project at hand.

Algert Sula

Framer prototypes feel more real 😎👍

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