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Matthew Joseph Kulp
Posted Oct 15 - Read on Facebook

Often, I use Framer to make gifs of my interactions. I do this with a bunch of Utils.delays to get very specific timing. Tweaking all the Utils.delay functions gets a little tedious. I'll create a touch function that takes an x, and y coordinate (this lets me very specifically tweak the look and timing of the touch to tell a optimally clear visual story.) When I get it right, I use Quicktime's screen capture feature to grab the animation. Then I convert to mp4, gif, webm, using gfycat

I wonder if there is a could way to display Utils.delays visually so that they are easier to move around and perfect the timing. Or if there could be some way to create videos of the animations within Framer.

Does anyone else use Framer like I described?


JL Flores Mena

Hey Matthew, check this collection of animation classes created by Isaac Weinhausen.
You won't need to struggle with hundreds of 'Utils.delay' functions anymore : )

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