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Benjamin Den Boer
Posted Oct 22 - Read on Facebook

Today we're introducing Code Highlighting — a new feature that allows you to quickly edit and navigate your project. We think there is a lot to innovate in the way you edit your code, and how it relates to the output on your screen. This is our first step in that direction.

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Jordan Robert Dobson

This is amazing. For Framer and for helping newcomers to coding. Great job!

Joshua Tucker

Always upward, man this is amazing!

George Kedenburg III

i like how you casually skip over the fact that when you click on layers in the layers panel it SCROLLS TO THE RIGHT PART OF THE CODE

Eng Phannipha


Tes Mat


Josh Peters

Bret Victor inspired?

Ed Lea

Koen Bok

The whole future is Bret Victor inspired ;-)

Jonathan Lazarini

Awesome thanks 👌🏻

Andrew Nalband

Oh no, you di-in't!

Bo Jan


Danny White

For a brief second I was accidentally running a 'dev' version, with up and down buttons next to the layer in the layers panel. But now I can't find it again. I'm I crazy?

Sander Värv

Yes! That's exactly what I wished for when you introduced layer panel

Koen Bok

Danny whuh? We had a version like that but that is not what is shipping. This sounds super spooky cc Edwin

Danny White

Yep. The app icon had 'DEV' on the bottom #legit

Maxence Le Corre

The anticipated feature I was dreaming of

Matthew Joseph Kulp

This is excellent. Great stuff!

David Lee

I love this feature!!! Thanks!

Derrick Morton

BOOOM!!! Drops the mic

Derrick Morton

Can I use this in Sublime?

Lesly Pyram

Whouhou! Stylé!

Jimmy Nordbeck

This is an awesome feature, thank you. However, fyi Utils.globalLayers() seems to break the code highlighting.

Sarah Sartaj


Ricardo Vazquez


Matthew Joseph Kulp

I love this feature. I'd like it even better if it highlighted all function calls that utilized the highlighted layer. So if someLayer.animate is in the function manyLayersAnimating, code highlighting would also highlight all the instances of manyLayersAnimating.

Josef Richter

would be cool if you could actually click layers in the preview on the right..

Maxence Le Corre

Just a thought before going to bed:
when clicking several times on a layer in the Layer Inspector, we can get a glimpse of its references throughout the code, with a nice scrolling effect. But we seem to loose the scroll knob which would be useful to know whereabouts the highlighted sections are located. A "somehow bright" knob could nicely stand out on this darkened area.
What do you guys/Frameristos/Frameristas think?

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