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Martino Bilello
Posted Oct 15 - Read on Facebook

Hi everybody! I'm trying to draw an L-shaped layer. Is there a way to draw more complex shapes than squares and rectangles in Framer?


Josh Rule

You are really limited to what the browser can currently create when designing inside of framer studio. Believe it or not you can actually make a lot with just squares, rectangles, circles (border-radius: 50%). Using css styles you can get even further For complex shapes you can always just import layers from sketch or photoshop. You can also embed inline svg into layer.html

Marc Krenn

another way is to use two rectangular layers (arranged in an L-shape) which can be grouped/merged by using "rect2.superLayer = rect1".

Jordan Robert Dobson
Koen Bok

Remember that CSS clipping is not GPU accelerated and can be slow in some situations.

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