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Nir Benita
Posted Oct 15 - Read on Facebook

I have this method, which I call every time I need to recalculate my total price, and rerender it:

draw = ->
label.html = "<div style='font-size:36px; width:600px; text-align:left; color:#fff;'>quantitu*price</div>"

Is there a way to manipulate the value of a text field imported from Sketch?...


Andrew Nalband

Hi Nir - actually there isn't. If you need to manipulate the value of text in your prototype, you'll need to hide the text in the sketch file and add html to the layer. You can style it's appearance and then update the text programmatically.

Andrew Nalband

Here's a quick example that hides the imported text from sketch, adds html, styles it and updates when you click on the rectangle behind it:

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