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Danny White
Posted Oct 16 - Read on Facebook

In NYC? Since Koen just shared Ben's article on sessions/meetups, now is a good time to announce that a Framer NYC meetup is in the works, for early November. Please feel free to hit me up if you'd like to help out or have any input! cc Josh, Jordan, Stephen


Hoyd Breton

Boom! I'm down to help. Feel free to ping me at [email protected] so we could break down the things we'll need to get done 👍

Jordan Robert Dobson

We could likely do a Hangout if you wanted to talk in more detail. Honestly Ben Adamson's breakdown on the blog is nearly exactly what we do now. Sometimes we throw in a short presentation... and we do our events on Facebook and have a Seattle Framer Group to ask some pre meetup questions...

Jordan Robert Dobson

Feel Free to join the group Danny White if you want:

Ash Adamson

Woo hooh!

Mindy Nam

I would love to help out as well. You can reach me at [email protected]

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