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Brian Bailey
Posted Oct 14 - Read on Facebook

Framer doesn't seem to fire click/touch events in Windows 8.1 / Chrome 46.0.2490.64 beta.

I see Weston had an issue with a 2:1 laptop that he resolved with Utils.isTouch(), and Thomas used Chrome's device mode to listen for touch events on Ubuntu. Is this a larger issue? Any advice?


Jordan Robert Dobson

Weston Thayer has a PEP module that I believe helps.

Weston Thayer

I was only seeing that click events weren't working. Touch went through for me (although you need to call Events.touchEvent(event) on the event params passed, they're different for phone/desktop).

I created, which uses PointerEvents to normalize input methods. However, it's mostly just a proof of concept since it doesn't work with dragging or scrolling.

I'd suggest debugging further. If you put a "print 'hello'" as the first line in your MyLayer.on Events.TouchDown, (event) -> handler, does it get called at all for mouse or touch? If the answer is no, I haven't seen anything like that before.

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