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Koen Bok
Posted Feb 19 - Read on Facebook

Ben Adamson hosted a few Framer Sessions in SF, and wrote a fantastic article for people looking to do the same. But this is a great guide to organize any tech meetup, really. It's full of great tips.

We now have had sessions in SF, Seattle, New York, London, Berlin and some other places. Obviously, we love people setting these up for Framer and can help with materials, sponsoring and marketing. It's a ton of fun to learn together or teach people on how to get started. If you're interested send Sara a message.


Jordan Robert Dobson

It's funny we started the Seattle meetups with a different format than this (more presentations) and we've eventually landed at almost exactly this format. 😁

We're also thinking of putting together some more informal get togethers to hack on ideas and discuss approaches. This is really for the mentors to get some coding sessions together too. ;)

Great resource Ben Adamson!

Stephen Crowley

Yeah, sorry Ben there was not much more we could add- your article was spot on, well done! Jordan and I hope we can attend an SF meetup soon.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Pretty much the thing we do different is a Facebook group for Seattle FramerJS people where we post the events and share code / photos / links / etc... Instead of an email list.

Edoardo Guido

Any chances to see this in Milan? I need this in my life!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Edoardo - start one up! We started with like 5-6 people.

Edoardo Guido

I would go there as a student, though! I am no expert at all with CoffeeScript nor JS, I just know the basics!

How could I do this? You mean by calling other people/experts?

Moni Zhuang

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Christopher C. Chan

I haven't dived in yet, but would love to see if anyone in Atlanta might want to partner with General Assembly or the Iron Yard to host a session.

Rhys Merritt

There has been a London session before with the guys at UsTwo, right? I missed out.. I might talk to them to see if they want to get another one happening..

Koen Bok

Rhys I knew I would forget one :-) We're working with Danny from US2 to get one going in NY, so they might be interested in London too. I'd start by messaging Kate who organized the first Framer (and other interesting) events in London. She also hosts small sunday brunches where people come to learn prototyping.

Jenn Tran

This is awesome, Ben Adamson!

Jeff French

Sounds awesome. What's the best way to get informed about future events like this in the Bay Area?

Daniel Lin

Darren Yee

John Grendon Enderby

Is there anyone in Scotland that would want to meet in Glasgow? Would happily help set a meet up if anyone is interested?

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