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Rafael T Balbi Jr.
Posted Oct 15 - Read on Facebook

Any thoughts/resources of increasing workflow efficiency. Specifically things like, making a change in the sketch file and having that change reflect in framer...reuse of modules/functions/states to automate work flow...making reusable code?


Andrew Nalband

IMHO, the Sketch -> Framer conversion is actually quite difficult. Adding all the folders in the right order always means a significant conversion cost in time. If possible, I love to make the whole thing in Framer

Jessica Tiao

Rafael T Balbi Jr. you might already do this, but I like to write out the steps beforehand. For example, "# Step 1: Import Layers, # Step 2: Center the Layer" into bite-sized pieces before I start writing the code into Framer. The steps help me stay focused and know what to look for

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