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Luca Galvani
Posted Oct 16 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone! My name is Luca and I'm a junior front end developer.
In the next weeks I'm gonna partecipate with some friends to an hackathon, and I was thinking that I could use Framer to quicly prototype our idea for a mobile app.
Can anyone recommend good resources (video, books...) to start learning Framer?
I already have a Framer Studio license... I have not much experience with coffeescript, is this gonna hurt my ability to prototype in Framer?
Thanks ;)


Rafael T Balbi Jr.

Hey Luca, as someone who has just gotten into Framer. I would recommend doing all of the tutorials listed on the resources page. From there, it's really just about understanding that everything comes down to states, events, and animations. That should be enough to get you very far. I also bought the 'Coffeescript for Framer.js' book which was really helpful at diving in deeper. If you haven't programmed before, it may take sometime to get used to arrays, if/else statements, and conditionals. If you're looking at a hackathan next week, start now and maybe you'll be comfortable enough :). Otherwise, just like anything else practice is the only way...I've done 6-7 tutorials now and finally feel comfortable.

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Luca Galvani! Check out our Resources page, with tons of great content, including video courses, websites and an eBook!

Jessica Tiao

Luca Galvani The Udemy course is the best course to learn how to use Framer:

Andrew Nalband

Jessica Tiao - mind if I send you a friend request to ask a couple of questions about what you liked about the Udemy course?

Andrew Nalband

Luca Galvani - I've run a couple of Framer workshops for folks and I'm currently developing a whole course for Framer - would you like some free 1-on-1 assistance? I'd love to help you out.

Luca Galvani

Thanks Andrew, that's very kind of you :) I already checked out coffescript, and set up a gulp js boilerplate that updates my prototype with browsersync when changing the js or a sketch asset... if I'll have some question I'll be sure to ask for your help! ;)

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