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Joshua Tucker
Posted Oct 12 - Read on Facebook

This dialog comes up every time I launch Studio, despite the fact that both the beta and public versions are allowed access. Anyone else experiencing this?


Chris Camargo

Every. Damn. Time. But, for some reason, only on my personal laptop. My work laptop doesn't give me this prompt.

Koen Bok

Ok so for technical people, what is happening here is: if you have the firewall turned on, the os asks you permission for every app that accepts incoming traffic. If the app is signed by a developer, it remembers that you're fine with it.

Framer uses Apple's system Python for the web server, and for some reason that is beyond me it is not signed on 10.11 (I think it was on 10.10). I highly suspect this is a bug, but I'll see if I can embed another python binary in the app that I sign myself.

Koen Bok

Here is a nasty workaround where you sign the binary yourself (only do it if you know what you're doing). The other option is to turn your firewall off.

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