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Callil Capuozzo
Posted Oct 12 - Read on Facebook

I've started to put together a collection of links and talks from the pioneers of interaction design. These are the people who worked on the GUI and have continued the conversation all the way to today. I believe tools like Framer are a continuation of their goals to develop tools to help people thinking with computers and their research is invaluable for people working in this space.

Edit: especially looking for women who are part of this history, unfortunately under represented in many written histories.

People I've included so far:
Douglas Engelbart
Nicholas Negroponte
Alan Kay
Brett Victor

Names still to add:
Bill Moggridge
Don Norman

The link:

I still have a long ways to go and it would help a ton if anyone has other names I should add to this type of list.

If there are two links you watch from this I recommend
The mother of all demos:
The humane representation of thought:


Steven Otto

I have a collection of pioneers in this Gibbon playlist:

Especially #6, the origins of computer graphics is cool :)

Callil Capuozzo

Steven Otto - thanks for sharing this is exactly the type of thing I'm looking for! also gibbon is awesome.

Heni Amundsen

Cool! thank you. :)
Does anybody know some resources on interactive rooms / interaction design and architecture? Are there Universities who are teaching this?

Callil Capuozzo

Heni Amundsen As far as I know Brett victor is working on that now at SAP and plans to release some research this year. Other than that the only other place I know of doing this type of work is the responsive environments group at MIT

edit: also the in general hits a lot of his ideas in separate research groups like tangible media lab etc.

Koen Bok

This is so cool. If you're thinking about turning this into a nice article/overview we'd love to crosspost it on the blog like we did with Georges article on force touch:

Callil Capuozzo

Koen Bok Awesome, that's definitely the plan, and I'd love to get it on the blog. I'll share a draft with you when I get there.

Giovanni Caruso

Callil Capuozzo: as you have seen, I've added some mixed materials to your list (mostly covering the cultural and sociological aspects of HCI / software studies). Hope they could be useful.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Great resource Cal! Thanks for pulling this together and thanks to the other contributors.

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