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Chris Camargo
Posted Oct 12 - Read on Facebook

Hey folks, I was helping mentor this Thursday night at our 5th Framer JS Seattle meet up, where Ryan Smith and I came up against a fun interaction challenge. Christian wanted to see how we could get a scrolling photo gallery that Ryan had mocked up to perform a simple full screen animation. But we wanted it to work with any tile on the screen.

Here's a heavily annotated solution I worked up to explain how I'd approach it. The code is also pretty re-usable. Any feedback is welcome!


Christian Valencia

Thanks a bunch for this!!!

Mudit Mittal

Would this work only for square tiles or any size photos?

Chris Camargo

You would have to update the code in the centeredFrame object, as it's just expecting square frames. But it wouldn't be too tough. Just a bit of math. :)

Jordan Robert Dobson

I want to click anywhere to dismiss. Will you take a pull request? :D Works great though. :)

Adèle Beauchamp

Nice work, smooth code :)

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