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Prakhar Bhardwaj
Posted Nov 01 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone, I have been trying to import a design from sketch, where some images are masked over a rectangular layer. After the import, the mask seems to be non-functional in framer. Please help.

I couldn't find anything online. Please help!


Josh Rule

posting your files...or a simple example where the issue occurs would be helpful for us to tackle your issue.

Jeff French

Hey Prakhar - Not sure if you solved this by now, but your issue might be related to your masking element's drop shadow. When Framer imports that layer, it treats the shadow as part of the image, rather than an effect, so it changes the position and sizing of the masking element from what you'd expect them to be. See if removing your shadow in Sketch fixes the problem. If it does, you can just reapply the styles in Framer.

Jeff French

*Also, you will probably need to (re)round your corners in Framer for the same reason.

Prakhar Bhardwaj

Hey Jeff, thanks for the suggestion. Will try it out tonight and let you know how it went.

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