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Ash Middleton
Posted Oct 10 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys
Might seem like a newbie question so bear with me! but I'm trying to scroll left, right, up and down through an application using the arrow keys. I need an active state on each component so you can tell it's been selected, then to revert back when I've moved to something else. I've found a few examples of working with keypress and indexes, but I can't seem to find what it is I'm looking for.
A little prod in the general direction of how to go up, down, left and right through some components would be fab! hope I've not been too vague aha


Dennis Kerzig

You can add an event-listener for "keydown", check if the arrow-keys are used and do your stuff :) See this example

Andreas Wahlström

Dennis Kerzig happy to see my Layers module out in the wild! :) You can use Layers.get() to retrieve the first item instead of withName()[0] :)

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