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Mudit Mittal
Posted Oct 12 - Read on Facebook

Can someone help me understand what is the easiest way to create a clickthrough prototype when I have multiple artboards. My design has multiple artboards and I want to focus mainly on transitions like 'on page load', moving to next page (artboard) 'on click', etc.


Arron J Hunt

Honestly, framer isn't the best tool for that. It's more built for complex interactions/animations.

For click-throughs, check out Marvelapp or InVision

Mudit Mittal

Thanks Arron! But Marvel & Invision do not support dynamic user inputs. I wonder why in this day & age is it soooo complicated to build an easy click through prototype?

Mudit Mittal

Like the 'PageComponent', it would be awesome if there was a 'Page' component too which basically created a 'Page' for each artboard in your sketch file or in your psd.

Arron J Hunt
Asis Panda

Mudit That's a typical problem with most tools out there, Framer would be an overkill. You can achieve this using Quartz Composer + Origami (still an overkill but has a smaller learning curve than Framer). A click through is fairly simple to create and adding dynamic input, as in, input from keyboard/numpad to reflect on screen is also not very difficult (use IDEO avocado library for a keyboard).

Anton Jarl

Pixate could be used. Marvels new Overlay features are quite ok as well

Noah Tsutsui

Flinto. Hands down.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Here's the best answer if you want to learn to use Framer:

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