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Seth Moeckel
Posted Oct 09 - Read on Facebook

can anyone recommend a good book for UX Design?
I'm starting to work on the visuals for my program and despite my skills being decent, I want to get a good book for ideas and learning the do's and dont's


Jordan Robert Dobson

37signals Defensive Design is an oldie but goodie.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Otherwise I have no idea. I learned all my UX from doing and failing miserably or succeeding amazing over and over for 16+ years.

Andrew Nalband

Designing the Obvious by Robert Hoekman

Dave Crow

Don't Make Me Think by Steve Krug is a classic.

Seth Moeckel

Thanks guys!!! Your the best

Błażej Chwila

52 weeks of UX - neat set of articles

Dennis Kerzig

Haven't tried them yet but Uxpin has a lot of free ebooks which seem to be great!

Stephen Crowley
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