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Giovanni Caruso
Posted Oct 10 - Read on Facebook

...seen this video? Thoughts on the interaction?


Rohan K

I wonder if there's an easy way to cancel the interaction once you start it. Like What if I change my mind and don't want to select any of the available options.

Brooks Hassig

The animations are adorable

Peter Lada

I like the animations but I wonder if the smiley animations are a bit overkill. I imagine the cuteness would wear off rather quickly.

Philip Kuklis

"The tool wouldn't be for expressing disdain for posts, he said. Instead, it would be for showing empathy for posts that seem inappropriate to "Like," such as news of natural disasters or loved ones dying."

I don't see how the sad smiley should be appropriate for natural disasters or loved ones dying. Either way, looks nice.

Andreas Mitschke

Animations are nice and cute, on point. Though, these will wear of quickly.

However, I am not a proponent of this expanded "rating system". Facebook became the epitome of the "like" and that worked because there was no paralysis of overwhelming choices.

There had been multiple attempts of different communities and platforms with multiple layers of emotional rating just like this and all came to the point that this just "dilutes" the emotional response and interaction depth.

It simply kills the response and after a couple of months they will recognize a serious decrease of ratings, because people simply are faced with the new "choice to chose the correct emotional response to a post" and that is additional mental effort that will lead people to simply either stick with a like or don't do anything. Later is more probable due to the instinct to circumvent mental effort at all cost.

Basic usability knowledge isn't it?

Jeff French

I somewhat agree with Andreas about the value of a single 'like' action that let's people show appreciation with 'analysis paralysis,' but it looks like the 'like' option will still be the default, with additional options for the times you want.

I think therefore, the interaction feels appropriate. A quick tap is still the simplest default interaction, but a press/hold/select for more options is an intuitive extension of that 'gesture' that is still simple to complete (and likely to become more common).

Jay Bowles

Seems good until the icons have animated in. Then each of them animating all at once is jarring. Would be better if the icons only animated when your finger went over each one.

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