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Benny Chew
Posted Oct 09 - Read on Facebook

Just discovered Framer Studio supports retina images (2x) out of the box. I'm so happy about this!

When I export UI assets from Sketch at 2x as PNG and drag drop it into Framer, it works, width/height will be in 1x and everything nice and sharp on a retina display. So far so good. But manually positioning elements is going to suck.

So I tried importing the exported 2x assets into Sketch again on a 1x artboard. For the assets I setup an export setting of the groups at 2x PNG and when I used Framer Sketch import, everything works like a charm! I didn't know this was possible.

By the way I'm doing this for a web app prototype. Not sure if this applies to native mobile apps. Would love to work in 1x though also with mobile apps. Sorry for the long post. :)


Maxence Le Corre

Then, the question is —> what is the most efficient solution between:
• this approach you described
• scaling at 200% in Sketch before importing in Framer

Benny Chew

I prefer keeping the assets in Sketch at 1x, I can live with the extra step of setting up 2x png export options for now for each layer I want.

Benny Chew

Perhaps a user setting in Framer Studio to auto import at 2x so we don't have to set up export options. Sketch has this as well for image imports.

Noah Tsutsui

Story of my life.

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