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Kevin Cannon
Posted Oct 08 - Read on Facebook

How does scope work in Drag events? This doesn't reset the layer to the start location.

draggy = new Layer

draggy.on Events.DragStart, ->
startX = draggy.x
startY = draggy.y

draggy.on Events.DragEnd, ->
draggy.x = startX
draggy.y = startY


Andrew Nalband

Yep, that's a scoping problem. Those two dragging events you have there will become functions when compiled to JS. You need to declare startX=0 and startY=0 in the same scope you're declaring draggy

Jordan Robert Dobson

Or... One simpler way is to attach the value to the layer...

Inside your DragStart...

draggy.startPoint = draggy.point

Inside your DragEnd...

draggy.x = draggy.startPoint.x
draggy.y = draggy.startPoint.y

The point property is your friend.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Or.... Duh moment... In your DragEnd

draggy.point = draggy.startPoint

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