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Dennis Kerzig
Posted Oct 08 - Read on Facebook

Can anyone help me on animation-timing? I just don't get it to work.. I set a time of "10" but it's going very fast instead.. On latest 10.11.1-Beta and latest Framer Studio :(


Josh Rule

AFAIK The spring is a force that animates. The spring doesn't follow the rules of time. Like dropping a ball...the ball will bounce longer if you throw it towards the ground instead of simply letting it drop. So when you add a spring curve to an animation the time parameter wont affect it. It's simply energy that you determine in the spring parameters that needs to be released. How hard is the spring pulled, how stiff is the spring...etc this is a nice little tool to experiment with the settings. Also there are other springs to play with

Jordan Robert Dobson

Dennis - a spring truly will go on forever... The last value is tolerance and basically is when you want it to report that it's done animating or springing. If you don't set it, it will use framers defaults.

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