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Jason Carlin
Posted Oct 08 - Read on Facebook

Noob question... Why can't Framer find "player"? It's right there in the Layer Inspector, right where Framer put it after importing from Sketch. Thanks.


Jason Carlin

Hrm.. I was just able to access it by prepending the path with the Framer import object, "forFramerLayers". That's not what I was expecting.

Jason Carlin

I guess I have to use 'Utils.globalLayers(forFramerLayers)' to make the imported layers globally accessible. That wasn't at all evident from the getting started stuff on the site. Had to dig it out of an example project.

Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Jason, when you use the import function the layers are inside the import "object" in your case the "forFramerLayer"

The comment above says it :
"this imports all layers for framer " into forFramerLayers"


use forFramerLayers.player and it will work :)

Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

ops. you found it first ;)

Jason Carlin

Thanks, Marcelo! Still ramping up here...

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