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Aalok Trivedi
Posted Oct 09 - Read on Facebook

Me again...

Is there an easier way to create a typing indicator animation than the way I'm currently attempting?

I want to create an animation chain for the opacity of the typing dots (dot 1 anim starts --> .2 delay, dot 2 anim start-->.2 delay dot 3 anim starts---> loop)

Here's my demo so far:


Aalok Trivedi

figured it out. Prob not the cleanest way, but it works.

Dennis Kerzig

You could use states, cycler and interval for your dot-animation logic :) Always a good thing is to determine repeating code and use a loop for it.

Dennis Kerzig

You could even write Line 40-43 as a one-liner

Aalok Trivedi

Thanks Dennis! The interval function helps a lot

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