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Daniel Mischler
Posted Oct 07 - Read on Facebook


I downloaded the 14day "Framer Studio 2" trial Version for my mac. Everything seams to work fine, but the loadingwheel in der viewer window is not stopping to run. I can wait for minutes but no result appears.
Even when I use the example from the tutorial video (
I restarded my Computer already and reinstall Framer Studio 2 but that didn't helped.

With kind regards


Jonas Treub

If you open the Console application and send the Framer Studio log to [email protected] we might be able to see what's going wrong.

Daniel Mischler

Hey Jonas Treub

Thank you for your reply. The problem is solved. It is an intern proxy that leads to this error. Now it runs perfectly. Sorry, my bad -_- ... but thank yo anyway.

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