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Diego Oriani
Posted Oct 07 - Read on Facebook

I am facing a weird problem with the ' x ' position of layers imported from Sketch. The coordinates on Framer shows ' x: 0 ' but in the simulator the layer is not on ' x: 0 '. Has anyone faced this issue before?


Andreas Mitschke

set it to this. If the default value kicks in it can become inaccurate.

Diego Oriani

Thanks Andreas, I will try this. Why would the default kick in if ' x: ' has a value? Just trying to understand.

Andreas Mitschke

Oh, you did set it explicitly in the layer constructor?
Well, then it should not be changed.

What position does it change to?

Diego Oriani

I notice that the issue happens when I user 'superLayer' or 'subLayer'. Very strange.

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