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Didi Medina
Posted Oct 06 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys, new to framer. Been playing with some other tools aggressively over the past few weeks before embarking on the journey of needing to learn how to code - seems like I wasted a few weeks. I'm at the point where I get the basics and looking to dig a bit deeper, that being said:

Question No.1: Any books you'd recommend to a newbie for coffescript? Something that covers the foundation and principles of coding in general would be ideal while under the context of coffescript.

Question No.2: Personally I have some experience with sound design and I'm looking to test out different sound effects for interactions throughout my prototype - I'm sure this is most likely possible however, would be interested if anyone ever added sounds to their prototypes before and if they know of any cool tricks they could share that they learnt along the way? :)


Koen Bok

We list some at

Koen Bok

Sound is very doable in Framer. If you use the search in this group, you should be able to find some cool examples.

Jordan Robert Dobson

It's interesting you bring that up. Josh Rule was working on something today since he was familiar with how synths work.

I cleaned it up and helped make some of it into a class for him to work on more... Pretty awesome stuff:

Stefanos Kofopoulos

Didi Medina have a look on this one

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